Our products and services are fit for all types of commercial, residential, Industrial Projects and agricultural works. Our team of experts would be able to recommend the required material, design, layout, and implement different systems depending on the type of project at hand. All products used by Bahrain Plumbing, are German Made, and are tested and certified according to international standards.

  1. PPR
  2. Stabi
  4. Valve
  5. Floor Gully Trap
  6. Grease Separator

  1. Design, Estimation & Execution
  2. Water Supply System
  3. Water Distribution Works
  4. Rain water system
  5. Waste water Treatment
  6. A/C Drainage System
  7. Sewerage Pipe works
  8. Vent pipe system
  9. Acoustic pipe Installation (Soundproof System)
  10. Irrigation Pipeline System
  11. Valve Application System
  12.              a. Pressure reducing valves(PRV)
                 b. Back Water Valve
  13. Back Flow Preventer Installation

  1. Water Leak
  2. Water Line Replacement
  3. Insulating/replacing external lines
  4. Gas Line repair or replacement
  5. Renovations/Additions/Relocation/Replacement etc